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Unlimited Music For Filmmakers – Includes a Dedicated Music Supervisor

Unlimited Licensed Tracks,  Licensing Management & Music Supervision

Licensing Options

Fully licensed music  with graduating options from Film Festival to Broadcast projects.

Music Supervision

Selecting or searching music with the experts by your side or online is part of the Audio Drizzle experience.

Unlimited Music

Unlimited music for Short Films. Music sync licensing for film and indie film projects made simple.

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3. We Start Finding Music

Licensing Genres

Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop Music

Dance Music

Dance Music

Rock n Roll Music

Rock n Roll Music



Latin Music

Latin Music



Quality Music Supervision & Curated Music

The Audio Drizzle team will provide you with a dedicated Music Supervisor and 

unlimited music + Sound FX for your film

Dedicated Agent

Legal Doc Storage

Unlimited Music

Closing Credit Details

Music Supervising

Post Music Team

Lic. Management

Unlimited Search

Perfect for adding music to your post production project. 

FAQ – Can’t find the answer… Contact Us

FAQ - How does it work?

1. You can send a watermarked version of your film and our team will send you music back from those scenes or add music directly to the film. 2. We can sit with you and play music suggestions for each scene (Local to Central Florida or By Video Chat). 3. You can tell us what you’re looking for and we can load music into Dropbox for your review and you select what you want.  Any combination of the 3 is ok with us. 

FAQ - What does Unlimited Mean?

That means that you can work with us to get as much music as you need for your project. No limit. You may find every sound, song, and solution with us. 

FAQ - True Consulting?

Yes, we have thousands of tracks and music available for your project. But our true magic is in the licensing and consulting so that the right music is synced with the right scene. We become the music supervisors, legal team, and consultants on each scene to assure that the music is a great match. 

FAQ - Legal Documents and Licensing Proof

We store all of the legal documents for your project online in the cloud with an easy to download link. When your project goes to the next level, your licensing is all secured and ready to go with you. Just download and show proof of license. 

FAQ - How long does the license last?

Once you obtain your license, it’s yours to keep in our step deal program. As the project grows, the licensing grows with it. Let’s discuss the details for your specific project. 

FAQ - Music Supervisors Role
The Music Supervisors has two basic roles. They are responsible for helping you discover the right music for each scene of your film. They act as music consultants and manage the entire licensing process. Additionally, they become the liaison between you and any licensing issues that may possibly come up with your film as it grows.
FAQ- Do I need a Broadcast License
Your license is good for broadcast. We require a CUE Sheets for music to be used in a broadcast setting. Please discuss these details with your Music Supervisor.
FAQ - License Use

You’re all legal and everything! Nothing borrowed, nothing to make you blue. Each song, music or sound effect has a single use license.  This means that even though it’s unlimited music, each time you use the song in a new project, we need to issue a new license. In plain English, you can’t use the song for a second project without letting your music supervisor know and that requires you to hire them again for licensing management. 

FAQ - YouTube Content ID issues
Contact your music supervisor and they will handle all claims for music issue pertaining to YouTube or any issues with regards to content ID’s and Youtube.
FAQ - Best Time To Join Audio Drizzle

The best time to join is as soon as your project starts to lock in pricing and to assure that a licensing agent is available for post-production when you need them. 

Audio Drizzle is committed to helping indie Filmmakers find licensed music for their projects. Each project is assigned a music supervisor who helps in the selection process. Like a human “Shazam App” they know how to quickly search for the right music for your project. Then they manage the licensing so you can use the music with confidence. Contact us or click here to secure your unlimited music search and licensing agent. 

Contact Us- Note:  We will work remotely or in person with your post production team to play and license music and sound effects for your project.
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